Dry Ice Blasting – Our Solutions for Your Applications

Dry ice blasting has established as an environment-friendly and cost-saving alternative to conventional cleaning technologies and in industrial applications, for example deburring. Our dry ice blasters are robust, user-friendly, designed for continuous operation and can be used in various applications.

Industrial Cleaning

With the aid of dry ice blasting you can clean machinery and equipment thoroughly, dry, gently, without chemicals, and free of residues.Learn more…

Automobile Cleaning / Refurbishment

You can clean motor, wheels, underbody, and interior of an automobile dry, gently, and quickly with our dry ice blasting devices.Learn more…

Building Renovation

With dry ice blasting you can achieve excellent results when renovating or cleaning both the interior and exterior of buildings and it is often faster than with conventional methods.Learn more…

Food Industry

Dirt and production residues can be removed with a dry ice blasting device thoroughly and quickly, without damaging the machinery and equipment.Learn more…

Boat Cleaning

With the aid of dry ice blasting all boat surfaces can be cleaned gently, environmentally friendly, and fast.Learn more…

Suitable Devices for Every Application

With our three product lines Vario Line, Classic Line and Special Line, we cover a very wide range of applications in the dry cleaning area.

DC 280 Vario Blaster
DC 50 Vario Blaster
LT 50
LT 280
LT 380
DC 280 Twin Blaster

Our latest Vario Line includes the devices DC 50 Vario Blaster and DC 280 Vario Blaster. Maximum flexibility, easy handling and excellent cleaning performance characterize these new devices. With the patented Vario grinder you can adjust the size of the dry ice particles in three stages (0.4 / 0.8 / 2.0 mm) and set the device optimally to the upcoming cleaning task.
The Classic Line includes the devices LT 50, LT 280 and LT 380. These robust entry-level devices are characterized by a high cleaning power, low weight and high reliability. In applications that do not require great flexibility in cleaning performance, they represent both a cost-effective alternative to our Vario Line.

Special Devices for Automated Applications

In addition to our standard devices, we develop and manufacture customer-specific dry ice blasting machines, such as the DC 280 Twin Blaster. When using the dry cleaning process in production lines, high cycle rates or intricately shaped parts often require the use of several blasting guns to ensure complete cleaning of the parts. That was the case for one of our customers in the food industry. On request of this customer, we therefore developed our DC 280 Twin Blaster device that combines two blasting units in a single compact housing. This saves money and space and simplifies handling in the cleaning process, as, for example, only an ice bucket has to be filled.

What Makes the Difference?

Our decades long experience in mechanical and plant engineering is the basis for developing and manufacturing our innovative and high-quality dry ice blasters. Smaller and bigger optimizations get quickly in our products due to our flexible production process with small lot sizes. The modular design of our devices allows us to upgrade your old devices to the current state of technology for a reasonable price. And last but not least, if you should experience any problems with our devices, a direct contact to our technicians ensures a quick and competent problem solution. That makes the difference to other dry ice machine vendors.