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Trockeneisstrahlen, Trockeneisstrahlgeräte kaufen - Trockeneisstrahlgerät DCE 480

Dry ice blasting


For every area of application

the right dry ice blasting device -

abrasive blasting possible!

Hydraulischer Fassschmelzer - Deckert Anlagenbau - Trockeneisstrahlen, Trockeneisstrahlgeräte und Fassschmelzer

Drum melters


We design, build and sell

high-performance drum melters for high-viscosity adhesives and sealants.

About us


DCA Deckert Anlagenbau GmbH is a medium-sized traditional company based in Lüneburg, in the economically strong metropolitan region of Hamburg. We offer solutions for dry ice blasting devices, drum melters and system assemblies, as well as special solutions in mechanical engineering.


Cutting machines


Customized cutting machines for maximum efficiency and quality in the rubber, plastics, cable and pharmaceutical industries

Sonderanlage - Deckert Anlagenbau - Trockeneisstrahlen, Trockeneisstrahlgeräte und Fassschmelzer kaufen

Special machinery


Our decades of experience in mechanical and plant engineering is the basis for the development and manufacture of innovative and high-quality special machinery.

Contact us


Our specialists can be reached by phone worldwide and will be happy to advise you on your individual concerns.

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