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Applications of dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting has established itself as an environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative to conventional cleaning processes and in industrial applications, e.g. for deburring. With our robust, user-friendly dry ice blasting equipment designed for continuous use, we offer attractive solutions for a wide range of applications.

Dry ice blasting of wood

With the help of the dry ice blasting process, a wide variety of woods can be cleaned and reconditioned.

Dry ice blast cleaning for
industry / tools / press molds


Here you can see some application examples of our dry ice blasting devices in an industrial environment. The low consumption of dry ice and the high cleaning performance of our devices help you to reduce the cleaning costs of your systems, tools, press molds, etc.

Dry ice blasting for paint / rust removal


Whether the underbody protection of a car or the antifouling paint of a boat has to be removed: Our dry ice blasters of the DC 280 or DCE 480 series do this effectively, thoroughly, without blasting residues and at low cost.

Dry ice blasting to remove glue / adhesive strips / labels / lettering

Adhesive strips and labels can be removed cleanly and quickly with our devices of the DCE 80 and DC 280 series without leaving any residue.

Cleaning and sanitation
of buildings / facades / stones

The following examples show the dry ice blasting devices of our DC 280 series in use for cleaning or renovating buildings and facades.