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Accessories for dry ice blasting devices

We offer an extensive range of accessories for our dry ice blasting devices, so that you can expand them optimally for the respective application: Abrasive sets, nozzles, hose packages and much more. In addition, we carry various items from the personal protective equipment program of the company 3M.

Abrasive set dry ice blasting_Deckert

Abrasive sets


At the request and suggestion of many users and customers, we have developed an abrasive set for our equipment. This Abrasive Set gives you the possibility to specifically increase the strong cleaning performance with dry ice pellets by adding an additive.

Abrasive agents


Glass beads with a diameter of 150 - 250 µm.
Nutshell granules with a diameter of 0.2 - 0.45 mm.
Due to its light structure, soda powder is a very soft abrasive. It forms a fine particle cloud during blasting.

Abrasive dry ice blasting_Deckert
Nozzles_Dry Ice Blasting_Deckert



With our additional nozzles, you can optimally adapt our dry ice blasters to the conditions on site to achieve an optimum cleaning effect.

Hose packages


We offer various hose packages to extend the standard hoses. In addition, you can get compressed air hoses in different lengths from us.

Hose packages-dry ice blasting_Deckert

Personal protective equipment


To prevent injuries and protect the health of the users of our ice blasting equipment, it is essential to wear suitable protective equipment. Therefore, we have included the high-quality personal protective equipment of the 3M™ company in our delivery program.

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