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Dry ice blasting

The right dry ice blasting device for every area of application - abrasive blasting possible.

In 2011 we took over the dry ice blaster division of the Littmann company and since then we have consistently improved and further developed the devices. We currently offer four device classes with different performances.

Gebäudesanierung mit Trockeneisstrahlgerät DC 280 Trockeneisstrahler - Deckert Anlagenbau

For cleaning service providers

Offer your customers a cost-effective, clean and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods with dry ice cleaning!
Benefit from our years of experience in cleaning with dry ice. We pass on our know-how to you so that you can achieve good results with our dry ice blasting equipment right from the start.
In addition to a robust and user-friendly dry ice blasting unit, you will also receive honest and competent advice from us - even after the purchase - as well as comprehensive instruction in the operation of your dry ice blaster. In this way, we help you to quickly amortize your investment and gain satisfied customers.
It goes without saying that our dry ice blasting systems are technically mature, low-maintenance, robust and powerful - and that at a fair price. We would be pleased to convince you of the efficiency of our dry ice blasting equipment in the course of a free demonstration at your premises. To do this, use the link “Make an appointment for a consultation”.

For industrial companies


With our powerful and easy-to-use dry ice blasters, we help you to keep the quality of your production at a high level and to minimize the downtimes of your systems. Cleaning with dry ice offers the following advantages compared to conventional methods:

  • Gentle cleaning of tools as it is not abrasive! This means that your tool molds will not be damaged.

  • Environmentally friendly, no solvents or chemicals required!

  • No dismantling of the tools and system parts to be cleaned necessary!

  • No waiting for the tools and machines to be cleaned to cool down!


Our dry ice blasting systems are preferably used for cleaning in the metalworking industry, in companies in the automotive industry, as well as in the plastics and food industries. You can find out more about this by clicking on the “Applications” link.

Individual and flexible customer service is a matter of course for us and direct contact with our technicians ensures quick and competent problem solving in the event of an emergency. We would be happy to convince you of the efficiency of our dry ice blasting devices as part of a free demonstration at your home. To do this, use the link “ Make an appointment for a consultation ”.

Industrielle Trockeneisreinigung mit einem Trockeneisstrahlgerät von Deckert Anlagenbau
Abrasiv-Set für Trockeneisreiniger (Trockeneisstrahlgerät) von DCA Deckert Anlagenbau

Blasting with dry ice and abrasive additives (combined blasting)


A special feature of our dry ice blasters is that you can expand them with an optional abrasive set to a combined dry ice and abrasive blasting device. With the abrasive set, you have the option of increasing the cleaning performance with dry ice pellets by adding an additive, such as nutshells, glass beads or soda, and expanding the possible uses of your dry ice blaster.

The assembly of the abrasive set on our dry ice blasting devices is, as always, user-friendly and can be done in a few simple steps. The range of applications is extended by the combination blasting to include the processing of metallic and mineral surfaces, such as

  • Rust removal

  • Paint stripping

  • Cleaning of open-pored surfaces

  • Material removal

  • Roughening surfaces before painting / coating


Further useful accessories for our dry ice blasting systems can be found under the link "Accessories".


A dry ice blasting device can only develop its full performance and work reliably with the right compressed air supply. A compressor must therefore supply the air volume and air pressure required for the dry ice blaster used, and the air must also be dehumidified and oil-free.

We offer you the right compressors for our dry ice blasting devices from well-known manufacturers such as Kaeser and Atmos. We can offer you various purchase options, regardless of whether you want to lease, buy new or buy used systems. Contact us!


Blasting cabins - tailor-made solutions at an attractive price

With our dry ice blasting cabins, you can efficiently integrate dry ice cleaning into your processes without endangering other employees. Our blasting cabins offer the following advantages, among others:

  • Effective protection against CO2 and noise

  • Enables dry ice blasting in a workshop

  • When set up outdoors, it can also be used in winter thanks to optional heating

  • 2-, 3- and 4-wall construction possible

  • For manual, semi-automatic and automatic cleaning with dry ice

  • Lighting, extraction and CO2 warning device included

  • Ideally adaptable to any location thanks to the segmented construction


Dry ice blasting is a minimally abrasive and non-corrosive process in which no blasting agent residues are created, as the dry ice used becomes gaseous and volatilized.

Operating principle of dry ice blasting - Dry ice blasting device - Deckert

Dry ice blasting explained


Dry ice blasting, also called dry ice cleaning, is a minimally abrasive compressed air blasting process in which dry ice pellets (carbon dioxide / CO2 in solid form, -78.5 °C cold) are used as the blasting agent. The following diagram illustrates the principle of dry ice cleaning: ​

  1. The dry ice particles are accelerated by means of compressed air (ideally to supersonic speed) and "shot" at a dirty surface.

  2. Thermal stress in the dirt causes the dirt surface to break open. The sublimation shock (the sudden expansion of the dry ice particles during the transition from the solid to the gaseous state) "blows away" the pollution.

  3. Surrounding dirt can be easily cleaned from the dirt cover that has now been broken up.

  4. What remains is a cleaned surface.

The advantages of dry ice cleaning include

  • Minimally abrasive, ie no to little damage to the material to be cleaned

  • No secondary waste, as the dry ice sublimes and only the loosened adhesions remain

  • Environmentally friendly as dry ice is made from recycled carbon dioxide

  • Non-toxic and non-conductive

  • Effective - dry ice blasting has established itself as an effective cleaning method in many areas

  • Efficient - With dry ice cleaning, you often achieve your goal faster than with conventional methods

What is dry ice?


Dry ice is understood to mean carbon dioxide or C02 for short (also known in the trade as “carbonic acid”) in solid form. The term "dry" refers to the ability to evaporate directly without melting or becoming liquid. Gaseous carbon dioxide is first liquefied under pressure and then converted into a solid state by rapid expansion. This creates pure, white, cryogenic CO2 snow. This is then compressed under high pressure in appropriate hydraulic presses and pressed into blocks or pellets. The pressure and the temperature determine the physical state of the carbon dioxide: gaseous, liquid or solid.

Dry ice evaporates directly without melting, ie becoming liquid. Carbon dioxide is one of the few gases that can take on a solid state. The cooling capacity of dry ice when heated from -78.5 °C (194.65 °K) to 0 °C (273.15 °K) is around 640kJ / kg; this corresponds to about 3 times the cooling capacity of conventional ice.

  • Dry ice has a temperature of approx. -78.5 °Celsius

  • Dry ice weighs approx. 700kg / m³

  • Dry ice is anhydrous

  • Dry ice skips the liquid phase: from ice to gas

  • Dry ice evaporates on impact (energy conversion)

  • Dry ice is oxygen-free (antibacterial)

  • Dry ice is non-toxic

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